The Guitar

From Blues to Gypsy Swing to Jazz

Saturday July 28

2pm - 5pm

The Printers Room - Basement Sebastiaans Cafe

Showcasing these five talented guitarists, Mick Trembath, Peter Baylor, Ashley Kluss, Wayne Parker and Barry Deenick (Bass), will present to you a marvellous afternoon of music and demonstrate how the guitar has been a major influence in the history of jazz and blues.

Mick Trembath
The Influence of Blues

Mick Trembath is a Ballarat born guitarist, who has played blues and blues influenced music since the mid 80's.
Having played through Europe and Asia, Mick has also appeared at many Australian Festivals playing blues, jump blues and old style rhythm and blues.
Mick's presentation will look at why blues music is the fundamentally important music for nearly all music in the 20th Century and how blues music is the living bridge between the pre literate traditions of ancient history and the sophisticated language of 21st global music.

Peter Baylor & Ashley Kluss
STRINGBAND JAZZ OF THE 20's & 30's on both sides of the Atlantic

Peter Baylor is an accomplished guitarist of nearly 40 years of professional playing. Well known for his roots based style he encompasses all forms of jazz from classic and vintage, to gypsy jazz swing and bebop, while also playing western swing, rockabilly, old timey and country with countless other bands. He has toured Europe, Scandinavia, Japan, The United States and South Pacific on the jazz and rockabilly circuit. 
Accompanying Peter is seasoned guitar stylist Ashley Kluss who play together in a variety of bands that play a diverse mix from gypsy jazz to Hawaiin and country blues. They will present a show that concentrates on the gypsy style of French jazz made famous by Django Reinhardt as well as pulling out their vintage archtops and playing some early American jazz styles championed by players such as Eddy Lang, Carl Kress and Charlie Christian among others.

Wayne Parker & Barry Deenick
Jazz is a Language of Improvisation

Wayne has been playing for many years both as a sideman with many bands and singers and in his own groups. He plays a variety of styles as a player from Latin to Jazz and even works in Ska and Reggae. Jazz is a language of improvisation, a spontaneous musical expression often based on popular tunes of whatever time in history it may be.

Wayne will be focused on improvising, perhaps using an original or two written while in Africa and definitely playing some standards. He will be joined by long-time friend and collaborator Barry Deenick on bass in a simple duo setting.


  • JAZZ GENRE - Blues, Mainstream, Gypsy Swing

    Mick Trembath – Guitar
    Peter Baylor – Guitar
    Ashley Kluss - Guitar
    Wayne Parker – Guitar
    Barry Deenick – Double Bass