JAZZ series Spring – Bob Sedergreen

Spring JAZZ series features a National Treasure in the world of Jazz, renowned Australian Jazz pianist, Bob Sedergreen, a performer, a band leader and an educator. Bob will be performing A Salute to the Great Jazz Pianists at the Art Gallery of Ballarat November 10 2018. Bob has been playing piano for over fifty years starting his classical music training at age 5. Bob’s musical abilities find him leading and working with many diverse ensembles and groups in the world of Jazz.

“My generation was lucky enough to grow up with the music,” Sedergreen says. “We learnt on the job, we used to play six nights a week. I used to come home with my wrists spanking hot, but it gave me a lot of practice. There were so many opportunities to play.”

Bob speaks of the importance of musicians having the opportunities to perform in order to master their craft. JAZZ series provides musicians of a wide spectrum of ages, backgrounds and styles the opportunity to play and connect with new audiences. Bob’s influence on the Australian Jazz music scene was recently honoured. In 2018 Bob Sedergreen was inducted into the Graeme Bell Hall of Fame. The Australian Jazz Bell Awards recognise and encourage excellence in the performance, creativity, recording and presentation of jazz in Australia. In honour of another great of Australian jazz – Graeme Bell, MBE, AO.

Bob’s highly anticipated performance at the Art Gallery of Ballarat is bound to attract an audience of long term fans of Jazz and young emerging Jazz talents in awe of Bob’s mastery of the classics and his phenomenal creative improvisation. Tickets are now selling,  A salute to the Great Jazz Pianists.