A Musical Reality

If there is one thing that has been consistent throughout my life, it is my interest and love of Jazz music. My passion for jazz started at a very early age, when I heard the sound of Louis Armstrong, playing his trumpet on an old 78 record. From a young boy I was certainly “hooked” into the world of jazz.

I have had the pleasure of hearing many wonderful jazz stars throughout my life and it still gives me enormous satisfaction to hear and see the talents of a saxophonist, a pianist, a singer or a jazz ensemble playing some hot jazz music. The Jazz Series provided a platform to showcase virtuoso performances, to support youth and emerging talent, women in jazz, original and local artists as well as acknowledge and support experienced musicians and bands.

It has been a long term ambition of mine, to run jazz events. The inaugural Jazz Series was conducted as part of the 2018 Ballarat Winter Festival. From concept to delivery, the series of performances presented, exceeded all expectations and demonstrated that Jazz in Australia is alive and is well placed to grow in popularity.

To meet and interact with so many wonderful musicians and jazz enthusiasts has been amazing. I look forward to presenting more quality jazz as part of the “Jazz Series” in Ballarat and other locations.

Gerard Ballinger Managing Director – Ballarat Events