Ballarat the Jazz City

With Ballarat hosting JAZZ series SPRING 2018 immediately after JAZZ in Winter as part of the Winter festival and just before the third Australian Jazz Convention in a row, no wonder Ballarat is growing it’s shining reputation as a JAZZ City. In a city that prides itself on it’s artistic merits and rich heritage the one hundred year old artistic tradition of Jazz is a natural fit.

Jazz has found a home here and the live Australian Jazz scene is flourishing in Ballarat.

In July 2018 the JAZZ series program, Jazz in Winter was launched as a part of the Ballarat Winter Festival. Spring has arrived and JAZZ series continues to bring the best Jazz to Ballarat, to provide opportunities for audiences to enjoy a variety of genres being performed by talented musicians.

JAZZ series live performances include such luminaries of Jazz as James Morrison, Andy Firth, Bob Sedergreen, Mat Jodrell, Andrea Keller and John Scurry. JAZZ series supports exceptional young Jazz talents such as Paige Duggan, Sam Boon, Ade Ish, Nadira and Jack Walker.

Ballarat is an ideal location for live Jazz. We are hosting Australia’s top Jazz talent and attracting curious audiences looking for a night to remember. Tickets are priced between $20-$30, so you can experience more than one performance.

JAZZ series SPRING 2018 promises to be huge. If you’re new to Jazz or a seasoned Jazz lover, check out our stellar lineup playing at various Jazz venues around Ballarat.

Nadira, Juliarna Clark, Mat Jodrell, Steve Sedergreen, James Clark, Jack Walker, Hugh Parsons, Mitch Wilmot, Cameron Eames, Alex Keser, Pat Miller, Rob Moffat, Steve Paix, Simon Vancam, Richard Opat, Alanna Egan, Ben Calderazzo, Phil Smurthwaite, Rob Gador, Jeremy Bourke, Bob Sedergreen, Jon Chidgey, Sonja Horbelt, John Scurry, Julien Wilson, Brennan Hamilton Smith, Sam Keevers, Howard Cairns & Danny Fischer.

POST IMAGE The eMotion Band featuring Ade Ish – Piano, Paul Bonnington -Bass, Lachlan Wallace – drums, Vincent Bradley – trumpet, playing their debut performance at Art Gallery of Ballarat – JAZZ series 8 July 2018.