Ade Ishs

and eMotion Band

Sunday July 8

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Art Gallery of Ballarat - Oddie Gallery

Ade Ishs is a composer, a pianist, and a bandleader residing in Melbourne. His musical style revolves around contemporary jazz, classical, folk, and meditational. With eight albums bearing his name, his music has been described as “strong … and beautiful” “sensational and colourful” and “expressive.
Ade continually explores musical ideas and has recently formed the eMotion Band to further exhibit his finesse in composition and arrangement. Subscribing to the philosophy that emotion is energy for motion, the band is formed with the idea of presenting emotive music that speaks directly to the listeners and take them on a musical journey.
Influenced by other genres of music, including classical, folk, and rock, the band’s music epitomises sonic drama and illustration. Their performance at the Ballarat Winter Festival is their debut and not to be missed.

  • JAZZ GENRE - Contemporary Jazz

    Ade Ishs - Piano
    Paul Bonnington - Bass
    Lachlan Wallace - Drums
    Vincent Bradley - Trumpet

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